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Services we provide to our Clients

Many of the services we offer include:

Property Management 

Handling the day to day running of their investment property including rent and water collection, arrears management,  water collection, leasing and advertising, inspections, maintenance, lease renewals, breaches, notices, smoke alarm compliance, vacates, bonds, general compliance, general tenancy disputes, abandoned properties, landlord disbursements and trust accounting.

Property Sales

When the time comes to sell we offer all existing landlords an excellent hassle free sales service.Selling through us keeps the whole process super smooth-especially for your existing tenant. Experience has shown us that disrupting a tenants life when selling through a third party agent can and often does lead to tenants giving in their notice to leave and landlords can often find themselves in a situation where they are unable to achieve a sale and they have lost their excellent tenant. It’s always better to keep the tenant onside which we can do as we have an existing tenancy relationship.

Added to this is our below industry standard commission rates which include advertising and signage.This keeps the costs of selling low and of course their are no commissions paid unless the property is sold.

Another huge advantage is that your property can be shown by everyone who works in our office meaning we can conduct open for inspections more often and as required by those who enquire.

QCAT/Tribunal Representation

With 100’s of cases under her belt Lu will represent your interests at QCAT. Expertise in this area takes a long time to acquire and with more than 15 years of QCAT representation behind her your case/application could not be in better hands.

Pre Purchase/Rental Assessment

Before purchasing or renting out an investment property it makes good sense to get the advice of someone who has spent a lot of time in the ‘space’.

There are many things to consider including:

  • Expected rent
  • Rentability
  • Preparing the property for rent
  • Risk items
  • Expected tenant profile
  • Planned maintenance items
  • Recommendations to help you increase your Returns

Lu will walk through the property with you and assess its suitability as a rental/investment property.It will give you the clarity and confidence to make an informed decision.

Rental Appraisals

It always makes sense to get regular assessments of the current market rent for your investment property.

Renovation/refurbishment/project management

Renovating can be costly and not always necessary. Some changes bring more bang for your buck and the trick is knowing what to spend your money on.

Just because it looks good on The Block doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for your rental property.

We know what tenants want and what brings higher rent and less vacancy.

We can advise you on where to spend your money and manage the project for you if required.

Dispute Resolution

Often over looked by most investors and yet it’s becoming a big issue in the property management field.

Often encountered disputes include:

  • Trees including overhanging trees / tree roots causing blocked drains / trees with termite nests
  • Fences including dilapidated/unsafe fences
  • Pools 
  • Parking
  • Noise


Insurance Claim Processing

Disaster Management

Drug Lab Management/Clean Up

Death/Crime Management

Mould Remediation

Pool Compliance

Tenant Obligations

Domestic Violence




If you’d like to take a ‘deep dive’ to see where your IP sits in the current market, or a confidential discussion about any issue you are having with your rental property then please reach out.


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