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Without doubt the number one issue within the property management space.

Read any forum or talk to any seasoned investor and it will be top of the list for Landlords that have switched Agencies.

Let's be up front from the start-with more than a decade in the industry we too have had these issues in our Agency.

What seems to be an easy thing to fix can at times seem insurmountable.

So why is it such a problem?

Here's some general thoughts.

High staff turnover

Endemic throughout the industry and at last count the average PM stays around 9 months in each position. Most times  there are around 8000 PM jobs available throughout Australia.

Tells a story doesn't it?

Task overload

The role of a property manager and all the responsibilities that comes with it continues to grow. When you multiply that over (in some cases) 100's of properties it can be overwhelming.

Too many communication channels

With the proliferation of new software platforms within the industry the possibility of 'losing' an email is high.

Emails responded to on one platform can be missed on another.


Property Managers need to make tough calls everyday. It's never easy and is most times very confronting. Verbal abuse is commonplace-for simply applying the law and doing their job.

No wonder emails remain unopened.

How have we addressed these issues?

Small Boutique Office

Our agency has a small team of long standing staff. Our flat organisational structure means everyone is in the loop and familiar with all properties.

Centralised Communications

ALL emails are routed through a central hub and are then allocated and actioned by/for the appropriate person.

Emails are not left unattended in an individual property managers inbox whilst they are busy doing inspections, or away sick, or on leave, or in a meeting, or in Court or on the phone or they know what's coming and they simply do not want to respond.


Emails that arrive today are in most cases (depending on overall volume) actioned the same day.


All communication is tracked and stored/archived. We can trace/search our system for any 'lost' communication.


We use a hybrid team of property managers and specialists to ensure all tasks are completed by the most appropriate staff member.

Working Principal

Our hands on Principal Lu Bracher works side by side with our team to ensure best practice solutions are always available to any team member when/if required.

If you’d like to take a ‘deep dive’ to see where your IP sits in the current market, or a confidential discussion about any issue you are having with your rental property then please reach out.


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