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Your real estate agent in Indooroopilly

indooroopilly Property Management Brisbane

Located on Station Road Indooroopilly we provide expert property management services in Indooroopilly and surrounding suburbs.

Unlike the cookie-cutter approach of the bigger agencies, our approach is far from a one-size-fits-all.

We invest the time to comprehensively understand your individual needs, preferences, and aspirations crafting tailored solutions and guiding and advising you at every step of the way.

With 50+ years of combined Agency experience we can solve any property management issue you are currently facing.

If you’re seeking peace of mind and a trusted advisor with a sincere personalised approach then reach out to Lu and her team today.

Lu Bracher - Property Management Brisbane Agent

Principal and founder Lu brings over 2 decades of property management and sales experience to her home base of Indooroopilly.

As an Indooroopilly homeowner of nearly 6 years and a recently acquired commercial office space on Station Road Lu and her team are now firmly embedded in Brisbane's western suburbs.

Lu is genuine and straightforward fostering long term connections with like minded property owners and investors.

Lu can tailor an approach to meet your unique needs, preferences and goals.

With over 50 years of combined experience our stable long term team have managed 1000’s of properties, 1000’s of tenancies and worked with landlords from all walks of life with all types of properties. Many from interstate and from overseas.

We Solve Problems

We understand that being a landlord can be a frustrating experience. You invest huge amounts of time and money with the hope of establishing a positive investment return only to find a plethora of ever changing rules and regulations that seem to give your tenant more rights than you do!

We get it!

And to make matters worse finding solutions to tenancy issues and getting the right advice and guidance oftentimes seems impossible.

Frustrations grow as your property manager seems to be avoiding you.

With more than five decades of collective experience in managing residential investment properties, there are few challenges we haven’t encountered and successfully addressed.

We can solve your current rental property problems, whether it’s a delinquent tenant, property damage, tenant disputes or never ending maintenance.

Unlike the cookie-cutter approach of the bigger franchised agencies, our methodology is far from one-size-fits-all. We invest the time to understand your individual needs, preferences, and aspirations.

Our stable long term team craft bespoke solutions designed specifically to meet your requirements, ensuring that every step of your real estate journey is catered to with precision and care.

indooroopilly property management, luxury kitchen
indooroopilly property management, Luxury living room with white chair

Who Can We Help Best?

Our service works best for ‘hands off’ landlords looking for excellent property management rather than the lowest fees.

Specialist advice, proprietary processes and expert problem solving has a price and whilst we believe our fees and charges are competitive we will never lower our fees and hence our service to ‘match’ the guy down the road.

If you understand the role we play between you the landlord and your tenant and you’d rather be playing golf than worrying about whether your rental property complies with the latest ‘Minimum Housing Standards’ then at the very least it’s worth your while to have a chat with Lu to see if we are good ‘match’!

First Step

Contact us via our contact form.

What Our Clients Say

Eng and Anabel

Dear Lu and lovely team

We want to send our heartfelt thanks and love to the whole team for the way you continue to manage our property and for your timely and professional advice.

Megan A.

Dear Lu and team,

Thanks for going above and beyond for my property at Willow Road. I so appreciate your efforts and support.

Kael S and Daniel P

Dear Lu and team,

Thankyou for being amazing property managers. We appreciate all the work you do.

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